The software system is trending in the trucking industry. Surprisingly, truckers are taking an interest in technology more than ever. It is evident as the software has become the parameter of efficiency and effectiveness at the workplace. No company is willing to work hard and grow slow. The software has changed the work standards and growth rate, dramatically. However, there are some features which are a growth-oriented software must acquire. Each function has a significant role to make the software user-friendly. To gain the work productiveness, reduce the unwanted time and cut costs, your software should be specialized with these features. Take a look at these features given below to see whether or not they are part of your Transportation Management System :

Appropriate dispatching system:

Once the order has been received, truckers will have the responsibility to complete it correctly within decided time. The software dispatching system would transfer the information to the truck which is appropriate for the load. You are able to dispatch the truck with few clicks only. This smart feature does not require you spending lots of time planning the load and dispatching. It ultimately saves your precious time.

Accounting & documentation:

If you are using the technology at your operations but spending a great time at calculations in backend activities, your software is not worth it. A smart software system is a master at faster and error-free accounting of payables & receivables. It keeps your various financial records secure without boring paperwork. Plus it does it within a few minutes only. The feature smartly manages your dues, employee salaries, customer payments so on.

Risk management:

Do you own software that provides the instant support to truck drivers stuck in a technical, accidental or legal issue, by clicking only? If not you should own software with proper risk management. It will help to keep track of the fleet, send them immediate support and alert. Sound smart? Well, it is.


Your software must have quick billing and invoicing attribute. It generates the invoice details quickly and send them further through the appropriate method.

Fuel Taxation Management:

Why to take a headache of collecting fuel consumption details differently when IFTA software is existing? Include it in your list while looking for a software for your trucking company. It is an excellent method of calculating miles, making details and sending them to the government for tax purpose, without delay and saving thousands of dollars.

Reporting and analytics:

The software would make your business performance transparent to you providing loses, profits, weak points and lacking areas of operations and so on. Also, it makes all reporting easier.

Mapping & GPS:

This is the basic feature but has an enormous impact on fleet movements. Using GPS and Google mapping, drivers are less likely to drop at the wrong destination. It saves a lot of time and fuel as well during the trips.

Website system:

It is another essential but unique feature for trucking companies. Here you are able to create your business website, display your business nature & attributes, customer support details, future vision-mission and so on. It is a must try to attract customers, create relationships with them, promote your presence, be best among your competitors and grow.

Payroll system:

A smart software is intelligent enough to calculate the total pay of each employee and make the record keeping and accounting work easier. Payroll processing becomes hassle-free.

In a nutshell, some of them might not be basics of your trucking software; however, if you want more support and work efficiency, look forward to having these features. Rather than making a hurry to get software for your business, focus on your needs. Besides, look for above mentioned features to streamline your trucking operations.